Yakima County Human Resources

  • 220-XXX Office Specialist

    Working Title
    Law Enforcement Specialist
    Regular Full Time Budgeted
    FLSA Status
    Sheriff's Office
    Required Testing/Exercises
    Typing, Word and Windows Exam
    Teamsters-YSO Clerical
    Open Date
    Close Date
    $2,902 per month
  • Overview

    The Yakima County Civil Service Commission is now accepting applications to form a register of eligible candidates for the position of Law Enforcement Specialist with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office. The purpose of a Law Enforcement Office Specialist is to provide outstanding, seamless support to the Sheriff, Sheriff’s Office deputies, to all other law enforcement agencies/criminal justice entities, and to the citizens of Yakima County while carrying out the administrative functions of the Office.


    This position requires a Windows and Word exercise plus  Keyboarding with a minimum of 40 wpm to to be taken in Yakima County Human Resources, 128 N 2nd Street, Room B-27.  This must be completed by 3:30pm on the closing date.



    How to Apply for this position:

    #1 Complete the on-line application at:  http://www.yakimacounty.us

    #2 Mail the required documentation. See checklist below.

    If you do not want to mail the required documentation, you may stop by our office and submit the documentation.  Applications will not be reviewed without ALL required documentation.

    #3 complete the Windows, Word and Keyboarding excercise prior to the closing date.



    Required - Must be submitted to Yakima County Human Resources, 128 N 2nd Street, Room B-27, Yakima, WA 98901 PRIOR to the closing date to be eligible:



    Proof of Citizenship                                                                                                         

    Copy of Birth Certificate, Naturalization papers, etc.


    Proof of a High School education                                                                                  

    Copy of H.S./GED, or college degree/transcripts


    Customer Service

    Provides outstanding Customer Service to the citizens of Yakima County by:

    receiving and responding to all telephone calls and providing answers and/or directing the caller to the proper agency for assistance;

    recognizing and responding to sensitive/confidential issues in a professional manner.;

    acting as an advocate to the public by developing and researching referral resources to verify what type of assistance they may provide to a customer when law enforcement is not the resource they need.;

    taking initial incident reports from citizens at the front counter to alleviate the need for deputy response to incidents which are not in progress; '


    acting as the first point of contact for angry and/or confrontational citizens who are afraid when offender(s) move into their area and want information;

    Intaking of various applications and paperwork for processing;


    Financial Duties

    Accepts and processes payments for various transactions such as purchase of dog licenses, concealed pistol license applications, fingerprinting and service of court orders


    Reconciles cash on-hand and cash receipts daily for the public counter cash register till; Collates and reconciles Concealed Pistol Licenses for warrant requests for submission of payment to Department of Labor; processes billing for service of bench warrants.


    Monitors monthly billing reports generated from processes received/served to include 1st, 2nd and 3rd notices to pay, sends bills to collections when necessary.

    Clerical Duties

    Provides clerical support services to Commissioned Personnel by entering data such as: handwritten traffic infractions and/or criminal citations, Sector citations and collision reports, documents deaths from the Yakima County Coroner’s monthly report and WACIC notices, and verifying accuracy within multiple databases.


    Handles workflow received from Commissioned Personnel, ensuring it reaches the prosecutors and other agencies (law enforcement, social services, probation, code enforcement, etc. Workflow is processed both electronically via records system software, by direct data transfer using email, online and file sharing systems, by fax and by hard copy data sharing processes such as interoffice mail or outside mailing services;


    Creates arrest records for tracking statistics for the State and FBI; Assists with resolving Incident Based Reporting (IBR) issues which may interfere with statistical reporting to state and federal agencies;


    Responsible for taking rolled fingerprint impressions for personal use (i.e. criminal history, immigration, adoption purposes, employment etc.) and processing of applications (concealed pistol licenses, Sheriff's Office criminal justice employment applicants and volunteers).


    Processes and issues dog tag licenses in person and/or via an online purchasing system and transfers application data to the internal records system;


    Intakes and routes Public Records Requests.

    Assists the Records Supervisor with processing public records requests which do not require redaction, compiling and redacting responsive records as specifically directed to aid in responding to larger, more complicated requests and releases public records to the public after preparation is complete. Accepts payment for public records upon completion of processing.


    Intakes property and evidence at the front counter by: accepting and processing the item(s) following the protocol outlined for chain of custody, preservation of evidentiary value. handling biohazardous material and enters evidence into the BEAST property and evidence tracking software.


    Records and processes sex offender registration documents received from the public and law enforcement agencies and divisions; may serves civil documents as requested.


    Files/archives/scans hard copy records for retention; Researches retention laws to determine mandatory retention periods for various records in area of duty expertise.


    Creates photo montages for victim/witness viewing as needed;


    Designated as a Public Notary for the needs of the Sheriff's Office;


    Responsible for daily mail pickup/distribution.


    Administrative Duties

    Responsible for the performing the following civil processes: processing and assigning caseload work to Civil Deputy, providing instruction/assisting other clerks with methods and proper procedures to carry out civil duties, accessing, collecting, compiling, reviewing, auditing and entering confidential information into a computer data base, maintenance and organization of accurate and complete records.  


    Inputs protection orders into state and nationwide database, researching and ensuring accuracy of information such as date of issuance, expiration and date of service, along with prohibitors, to include state and federal firearms restrictions (if applicable), and alias’s.


    Prepares, coordinates and monitors civil court documents for service such as: Writs of Habeas Corpus, Writs of Restitution, (Foreclosure) Order of Sale such as Public Notice, Notice to Judgement Debtor, Exemptions, Publication Letter. Legal Certificate of Sale, Legal Deed upon redemption period, Writs of Execution, Replevin and Attachment, Orders and Writs. Drafts documents and/or communicates information to the public and legal community on levy on property being auctioned; Communicates with attorney pre/post sale, coordinates publication with newspaper agencies, posts the Public Notice (2) location/website, sends out certified/regular notices to the judgement debtors, auctions real properteudy on the courthouse steps and, sometimes, auctions personal property at remote locations.


    Validates 1/12 of all entries each month using the Criminal Justice Information System database in accordance to federal law and FBI standards (Audited tri-annually by the FBI and tri-annually by the WSP). Gathers information to prepare technical reports and provide recommendations to the supervisor reference streamlining processes and complying with law changes


    Processes Bench Warrants by: Receiving bench warrants for service; Entering, clearing and canceling bench warrants in the Criminal Justice Information database in accordance to federal law and FBI standards (Audited tri-annually by the FBI and tri-annually by the WSP); Validates 1/12 of all bench warrant entries monthly by verifying the accuracy of records with the Court, the Prosecutor's Office and within the criminal justice information system  







     Processes Concealed Pistol License (CPL), WA State Firearms Dealer License and Alien Firearms License (AFL) Applications by: completing background checks utilizing multiple criminal justice data bases and DSHS record inquiries requiring in-depth research and interpretation of inquiry responses; making determination of firearms rights under various circumstances based on the results of the background checks; tracking and assigning record numbers to CPL’s per a state mandated and agency tracked numbering system for official filing with Department of Licensing; issuing, recording and disseminating licenses, making entries into the Criminal Justice Information System for denied applications and/or National Instant Check System (NICS) Index entries to document denial information which is not available via the standard criminal history search

    Processes, reviews and either approves/denies Pistol Transfer Applications by: performing a complete and thorough background check that includes a mental health check through Department of Social and Health Services(DSHS), immigration queries, Local, WA State and Out of State Criminal History checks, reaching out to local and out of state criminal justice agencies via phone, mail, facsimile and e-mail, inquiring on incident reports, arrests and dispositions of court cases. Performs investigation of prior involvements, adverse findings and reduced sentences, scans involvements for any current drug use. Analyzes the data and prepares notifications to be sent to arms dealer(s), legal documentation informing purchaser in the event of denial, listing proper RCW prohibitors and forwarding to purchaser via USPS. For denied applications, adds Denial to applicant involvements in Spillman for access and availability for other local law enforcement agencies and scans proper documentation of denial findings to the files of the Denied Pistol Transfer entry in the records system, the Criminal Justice Information System and/or National Instant Check System (NICS) Index.  

    Processes and registers all sex offenders residing, working or attending school within the boundaries of Yakima County by: informing the Offender of all the laws and regulations regarding registration to help ensure compliance, takes rolled fingerprint impressions and offender photographs, obtains oral swab DNA samples, tracks address changes and compliance of offenders.   Prepares public notification bulletins and notices for schools, notifies other law enforcement agencies as necessary and updates state registry.

    Validates  descriptor, personal identifiers, conviction data and registration data of 1/12 of all current Yakima County registered sex offender entries each month in the Criminal Justice Information System database in accordance to federal law and FBI standards,


    Works closely with commissioned personnel and the Prosecutor’s Office for requesting charges on offenders failing to meet their requirements. Receives updates from the Prosecutor’s Office and probation offices reference warrants issued for registered sex offenders with requests to alert officers to arrest when they come to YCSO to check-in.


    Testifies in court reference knowledge of the RSO registration requirement laws and reference the records of compliance of offenders. Collaborates with Prosecutors during trial and sentencing to assist with charging and sentencing decisions based on offender registration history; scans and attaches offender files into Offender Watch, the WA State sex offender registration software which is also used by numerous agencies across the nation, resulting in accessibility of detailed registration data from multiple jurisdictions.




    Coordinates Yakima County Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement requirements by: Selecting fugitives to highlight in various formats for Crime Stoppers wanted person campaigns; Receiving tips from citizens and corresponds with tipsters to ascertain necessary information; Forwarding same to appropriate law enforcement agencies to include local, county, state and federal agencies; Providing photos/bulletins to the media; Maintaining website photos; Coordinating billboard wanted poster campaigns; Creating a flyer highlighting current wanted persons three (3) times a year;


    Attends monthly Yakima County Crime Stoppers Board of Director meetings to present a comprehensive Coordinator’s Report which includes information on arrested persons and recommendation of the amount of the reward for Board review and approval;


    Coordinates with informants to ensure payment.


     Other duties as assigned.





    Experience and Training:        High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) and three years general office or specialty experience, preferably including some experience with a law enforcement agency;  OR  an equivalent combination of education and experience which provides knowledge, skills and abilities sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job.


    Required at time of application: Keyboarding Exam with a minimum of 40 net wpm to be taken in Human Resources. Applicants meeting this requirement will also be required to take a proficiency exam demonstrating knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Word (scheduling of all exams dependent on availability of equipment).


    Special Qualifications:

    Provide evidence of U.S. citizenship (e.g. birth certificate); provide evidence of high school diploma or GED certificate; be at least 18 years of age; be determined suitable for the position based on the results of a background investigation, polygraph examination, and psychological examination prior to being hired.


    Applications will be evaluated on the basis of past experience and training.

    Experience using Word Processing and Spreadsheet software products is preferred.



     Only applicants who pass the keyboarding, Word and Windows exam with 70% or more, and are among the top 20 applicants or 50% (whichever is greater), shall be eligible to proceed to the oral exam. Applicants must qualify with a 70% or more on each part of the examination.


    This is a Yakima County Teamster Contract Bargaining Unit position. As a condition of employment you are required to become a member of the Unit or pay representation fees per the negotiated contract.


    This is a Civil Service position; Civil Service Rules and Regulations apply.



    Requirements prior to hiring:

    No applicant shall be employed in, or appointed to any position in the Classified Service who has been convicted of a felony, criminal or traffic statute or ordinance violation which, in the opinion of the Commission, would render the applicant unfit as a law enforcement specialist.


    The following investigation and/or testing is utilized to determine suitability. Applicants may be removed from the testing process at any time.


    Background Investigation

    Will check criminal history, driving record and work history. No applicant will be considered if they have felony convictions, current domestic violence charges, and/or any drug usage within the last 12 months. NO felony conviction; NO misdemeanor conviction involving theft in the last 10 years; NO misdemeanor conviction involving sex offenses or moral turpitude; NO illegal usage of non-prescribed drug(s) including but not limited to marijuana, hashish, speed, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, barbiturates, valium, PCP, LSD, ice, crank, crystal, morphine, etc within past five years or since applying to a law enforcement agency; NO usage of marijuana or hashish over 5 times in the last five years; NO usage ever of injected or free-based amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, barbiturates, or valium; NO use of non-prescribed pharmaceutical amphetamines (speed, etc.) over 5 times in your lifetime; NO use of clandestine amphetamine/methamphetamine (crank, crystal, ice, speed, etc.) more than one time in your lifetime; NO use of an hallucinogenic drug (mushrooms, LSD, PCP, etc.) ever; NO use of non-prescribed opiates/narcotics (heroin, morphine, etc) ever; NO use of cocaine over 5 times, regardless of time frame; NO selling, or offer to sell, or transport for sale, of any illegal drugs/narcotics regardless of time frame; NO usage of drugs since accepting employment with a law enforcement agency; NO convictions of DUI, reckless driving or hit-and-run within the past 5 years; NO use of anabolic steroids within the last five years. Any other criminal activity or convictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be disqualifying.


    Polygraph Examination

    Will review driving record, employment history, general background information, military service, arrest information, education, personal habits, sex crimes, honesty and drug history. Will also determine truthfulness of information provided in statements and responses to examiner.

    Psychological Examination

    Will determine whether applicant is psychologically suited to the position.


    The above requirements are only tools used in review of applicants for positions. The Sheriff is the hiring authority and makes the final hiring decision.


    This is a Yakima County Teamster Contract Bargaining Unit position. As a condition of employment you are required to become a member of the Unit or pay representation fees per the negotiated contract.


    Equipment Operated:

    Typewriter, telephone, computer terminal, photographic equipment, copy and fax machine, fingerprinting equipment, cash register, TDD machine for the hearing impaired.


    Knowledge of:

    Grammar, spelling and punctuation; file maintenance techniques; customer service techniques; terminology and basic procedures in the area of assignment; office practices and procedures; basic understanding of Microsoft Office and Windows computer environments.


    Skills in:

    Skills in creating and maintaining file systems; applying customer service techniques; taking minutes, transcribing notes or recording hearings; preparing technical reports and paying attention to detail and accuracy; performing basic mathematical calculations; using office equipment such as phones, copiers, calculators, fax machines and scanners; using a computer and multiple related software applications; establishing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships at all organizational levels and with the public. Communication, both oral and written, sufficient to exchange or convey information and to give and receive work direction.   The ability to multi-task is a key component in this position.

    The employee in this position is a non-commissioned citizen who must rely on knowledge of the laws and their job duties and they must possess the ability to maintain composure, have patients and a calm demeanor along with a heighten sense of awareness, to maintain their safety.





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